Blogs I Follow

2centsworth – A website that deals with a variety of things. From experiments detailed through videos, to how to deal with the ever evolving technology change in classrooms.

Dangerously Irrelevant – Scott McCleod has some very interesting takes on technology and education. I agree with him completely on student driven education with the aide of technology is the biggest game changer in education.

Education ReThink – This is a great site with unbelievable resources. From ideas for lessons and strategies to use in the classroom to podcasts that show John and Chad’s passions.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog – Vicki Davis has put together a pretty, pardon the pun, cool website. From tips for teachers to use for reflection, her opinions on education and the direction it is heading and everything else under the sun.

The Innovative Educator – Another great blog to get ideas of how to incorporate technology into the classroom. I found the tips and tools that Lisa Nielson discusses to be very interesting and things that I see myself trying to implement. Her post regarding the use of Twitter really caught my eye. Twitter is no longer a tool just for vain people, athletes or celebrities to tell everyone what they are doing. It is a tool for educators to share resources, ideas and the amazing things they are trying and doing in classroom all over the country.


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